• Pinoty AI/IoT Based Wearable Healthcare Monitor

    Wearable Remote Monitoring Point-of-Care Device for Continuum of Proactive Heart Health Management

Convenient Real-time Health Monitoring

Predictive and Preventive AI Algorithm

Secure EHR with Proprietary Algorithm

Capture-Monitor-Predict for Enhanced Longevity

What is Pinoty

Pinoty is the world’s first gesture-based remote medical grade cardiac monitoring wearable device that captures 8 core vital parameters like 12 Lead ECG, Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Variability, Pulse Rate, Basal Body temperature, SPO2, Heart and Lung sounds necessary for a comprehensive cardiac health assessment with a single gesture in 30 seconds.

The cardiac data captured by device gives healthcare practitioners an unprecedented insight into the cardiac performance/risk factors of the patient and enables them to determine the best treatment option for the user.

Our device is a futuristic predictive cardiac solution that leverages breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver personalized health insights to patients and empower them to take control of their cardiac health. Our integrated tele-cardiology service by a broad-skilled team of healthcare professionals facilitates review of user cardiac data to proactively identify symptomatic and asymptomatic heart conditions, henceforth provide feedback to manage their cardiac health. The device is a boon to individuals who would no longer fear the impending risks of cardiovascular diseases and be well informed to deal with the time-sensitive emergencies.

Why are we Unique

All-in-One Healthcare Monitoring Device

Revolutionary Design

Crafted with precision and high quality aesthetics, our revolutionary All-in-One device can not only capture multiple Critical Care Unit parameters such as 12 Lead ECG, SPO2 but also Pulse and Temperature, all this in a single-palm Gesture!
Home Healthcare monitoring System

Bringing Comfort to Care

A combination of care and comfort, our device aims to enable easy monitoring of real time body vitals and assessment application to escalate any health deviation, thus saving frequent hospital & clinic visits.
personalized health alerts Apps

Proprietary Analytics Engine

Extensive Technology driven approach that creates personalized health alerts empowering everyone to take their healthcare in their own hands thereby averting any undue acute health episodes.
Mobile Expert Consulting Apps

Mobile Expert Consulting Approach

A Mobile Approach that provides a connected platform enabling easy monitoring of your key vital parameters to be reviewed by medical experts within the convenience of your home, closing the gap in healthcare due to delay.

Why Choose Us

Capturing Body Vitals through Device

Capturing Body Vitals through Device

Running Health Assessment Application

Running Health Assessment Application

Pinoty-Your Family Physician

Pinoty-Your Family Physician

Care with Convenience

Care with Convenience

Post Surgery Health-Monitoring

Post Surgery Health-Monitoring

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