Health Care At Your FingerTips

Take a 12 lead ECG, Blood Pressure , blood oxygen saturation, temperature and heart and lung sounds recording anywhere, anytime
3 minute Do -It-Yourself tests with Pinoty's, portable, connected device.

Use the app to share vitals with your doctor or ours for medical advice and diagnosis
Patented solution, designed, developed and made in India.

Main Features/Benefits

Capture multiple vitals required to monitor and manage your health in 3 minutes


Requires no training or assistance
3 minute tests
Easy to use mobile app


Multiple parameters captured
Medical grade output
Simultaneous 12 lead ECG


Store vitals on cloud
Share with your physician
Screen for heart conditions

Cardiac Capabilities

  Get simultaneous 12 lead ECG.

  Identify upto X heart conditions.

  Know if you are at risk of heart attacks.

  Manage your heart condition.

End Users

NCD Screening

Pinoty's solution has
applicability across
various Non

NCD Management

Pinoty can be used to
monitor and manage
chronic conditions,
especially cardiac

Remote Monitoring

Pinoty can be used by
clinicians and service
providers to remotely
monitor patients' vitals
at a lower cost

Empower Doctors

Pinoty can enhance
the capabilities of
doctors and small
clinics by replacing
cumbersome devices

About Us

Pinoty was founded by a team of doctors and engineers who saw the need to address the growing problem of
access to early diagnosis, monitoring and management of NCDS in a resource constrained nation. The key
insight was that the average Indian who did not have access to medical personnel would need friendly
technology that he or she could use without help or assistance.

Pinoty was created to complement and empower healthcare providers by providing a means to capture critical
vitals without the physical presence of medical personnel while leveraging technology to assist the patients
virtually. Pinoty is creating an AI empowered Mobile App platform to identify NCDs faster so that preventive
action can be taken. Pinoty's vision is to enable chronic non communicable disease patients live a longer and
more fulfilling life.

Awards and Achievements

Pinoty Solution's potential has been recognized through many awards and achievements


Best Product Showcase at "NASSCOM Product Conclave"


"Top 25 Start-Ups all over India"


Member of "Global Entrepreneur Program"


Awarded "Top Innovative Product" at DigiGyan


Grant from SCTIMST-TIMED supported by Department of Science and Technology, GOI


Our innovation is patented with 24 unique claims